Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures - A Lot Of Red And Brown

I have a feeling that Laura bush wore this dress as a form of protest. It looks to me like she really didn't want to look her best.

Look how it clashes with Michelle Obama's dress. That color combo only looks good in a Jonathan Adler pillow. I don't know how they plan these photo ops as far as color coordination goes. Maybe she didn't know that Ms. Obama would wear red. But she had to know that that is one homely and unflattering dress. While I'm at it, were all her good bras in the laundry for today's historic occasion?

If you look at google images you can see that Ms. Bush does know how to dress to impress and she's chosen not to do so here.

While the concept of the above photo pleases me greatly - the transfer of power from G.W. Bush to Barack Obama - the aesthetics of the following photos are more pleasing to me:

Photo by Mark Baker, AP

Photo by Daniel Munoz, Reuters

It's Monifa, the three-week-old baby pygmy hippopotamus who lives at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. I hope she has some other kids to play with. Babies need to play. Pete and I saw a baby pygmy hippopotamus at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. back around 1991. It was zipping around in a big swimming pool like an adorable poo. So cute.

I swiped all of these photos from Here's another one I just spotted:

George looks SO relieved and now Barack looks like "Holy crap, what have I got myself into?" Remember how terrified George looked when he first took the job on?

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michaela said...

Maybe she is giving up. After all, in a couple of months... it will be just the two of them again.

"All the leaves are brown.... and the sky is gray... "

Cute little guy in the pool though!