Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Long time no blog. Mea culpa. Life ate my life (again) and I've just been tweeting and Facebooking. Effing Facebooking. What a waste of time! Oh yeah, and Pintrest too.

Enough about that. I'll try to remedy the situation by doing NaBloPoMo next month (which is tomorrow) There's lots to catch you up on but I won't do it chronologically. Disorder is how I roll. That's one area in which life and I are in agreement.

To start on a positive note and in keeping with this blog's theme, here are some shots of something I finished making this summer: my first lace shawl.

I loved making this thing. The lace looks pretty intricate but it was in fact an easy pattern to keep track of. The yarn was so beautiful: lovely colors and a delicious texture. It's the Jambo Shawl made with Curious Creek Meru yarn. Such a pleasure to handle and look at for hours. It gave me something with which to occupy my hands and eyes while traveling too. This is also the first knitting project I've ever blocked. Wait, that's not true, I blocked a tam o' shanter. If you don't block them they just look like blobs. But this shawl was really rewarding to block. I used lace blocking wires and pins from KnitPicks. It came out looking really pro. Do I wear shawls? So far no. I am hopeful though. I'm really proud of this one.

Now I'm working on a cowl made out of Noro Ayatori which I'm not sure I'm going to love (I love the yarn, I'm not sure I love what I've done with it) and another cowl in a fishnet lace pattern made with Madeline Tosh Merino.

In the last few months I've made countless salads, cookies, bread, brownies, tarte tatins, a pot pie, some installations and a whole bunch of other junk, some of which may appear in later posts.

As far as new art goes, I'm working on a mythology of my own. But there'll be plenty of time to talk about that in later posts. Hopefully it will be more interesting than knitting and salads. If everything goes well I will have photos of myself dressed as one of my characters for Halloween tonight.

In re-reading this I see that this is not the most lucid writing I've done. I had a couple of migraines last week and it appears my brain isn't one-hundred percent back to normal. Maybe we can watch this improve over the next month.

Now I'm starting to remember how frigging long it takes to blog. No wonder I like tweeting so much.