Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Is Over But I'm Still Scared

I'm listening to Weekend Edition Sunday with Liane Hansen. They're talking about polls and exit polls and their predictive accuracy.

WE GOT SO BURNED IN 2004 AND 2000!!!!!! I'M SO SCARED!!!!!

Come to think of it, while I'm listening to the radio I'm also reading an article in the Washington Post, "Failure Is An Option", about how best to get over a loss or failure.

The last paragraph from the article and the one I found the most helpful is a quote from Pat Williams of Chattanooga, Tennessee:

"Regardless of who wins, there will still be rich, there will still be poor, there will still be homelessness, there will still be cancer. Think about who really controls your destiny."

He pauses for effect.

"You do."


michaela said...

This is a really interesting article.

I think it makes a LOT of sense.

Thanks Mel!

Hopers said...

I'm not scared.

I'm terrified. :p