Saturday, July 11, 2009

Too Much Stuff

This move has consumed my life. We're still organizing, tossing, donating, packing and driving.

I hope I've learned something important though: I want to be sure to appreciate the nice things I have rather than just concentrating on achieving the next goal. I've taken so much in my life for granted while I focused on the things I wanted to bring in to my life, let a lot of potentially rewarding things slide. I'm hoping to turn over a new leaf about that.

We close on the house in about ten days. It will be empty and clean. The room in the barn where I work out and have my sewing machine set up will be stuffed with boxes and unusable for anything besides storage. Boxes tower in the rooms of the Vermont house.

That will have to wait though because I'll be heading for California the minute this move is settled. My dad's mouth cancer is back.

I know - he just got out of the hospital.

Dad was treated for mouth cancer back in the late nineties. He was cancer free for over ten years. Unfortunately the original treatment damaged his mouth and that damage will complicate his recovery from this next round of treatment.

I want to make it out there in time to spend some time with him and my mom before he has to recover from anything else. No doubt I'll be there during and after too.

Stupid cancer.

But that's a worry for next week. This week it's hauling another couple of carloads to Vermont then back to Brookline to fill up a dumpster then maybe rent another truck to move out the very last stuff.

The light's at the end of the tunnel that leads to the next tunnel.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Pete and I are in the middle of our last push for emptying the house in Brookline.  As I go through the last of our belongings I can't seem to stop the stream of obscenities that is coursing through my brain.

We have SO MUCH STUFF that we don't need that I can't figure out how to part with.  

Sensible Me: "Goodwill."
Ridiculous Me: "But the tiger on that mug is SO CUTE and if I give away the set without that mug then nobody will want it."
SM:  "Give them all away."
RM:  "Bbbbut..."
SM:  "Loser."
RM:  "Screw you!"
SM + RM:  "!@#$%&*!@#$%&*@^#!@%&*#@~!" etc.

See - I'm really getting somewhere.  

Anyone need a gravy boat and matching butter dish?