Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bento Boxes

Jenn wanted to know what my bento box looked like. Well here it is:

And here it is open.

It's hard to see in the photos but there's a little bit of iridescent glitter in the cherry blossoms. I got it on J-List, a site that features all kinds of interesting Japanese products including porn of course. On the homepage you tell them whether you're over eighteen or not and/or if you want to see "adult images" or not. I went with adult and was introduced to images of people with unusual body parts doing things you don't see every day. Mostly (but not all) cartoons. The world of ideas keeps getting bigger and bigger. Don't get me wrong, should you go to J-List you wouldn't be bombarded with porn, it's just easy to stumble on in the adult pages.

Woo! Lots of noisy gun shots outside today! People don't wait around once rifle season opens.

I also couldn't resist this bento box:

You can imagine why:

And you can also tell which one I'll be using the most - the bigger one. I'm a hungry girl. I've got a lot of important eating to do.

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michaela said...

Ok, ya, I went to that site and looked at the naughty stuff.

You knew I would.


Nice lunch boxes. Do you think I would wreck them? Can dirt girl handle such nice things?