Friday, November 28, 2008

After Thanksgiving

Here we have a photo of Pete with some very nonchalant wild turkeys that he and Marc discovered wandering around the grounds of Brookline High School on Thanksgiving day. You heard me. Well, read me. Brookline has a fair number of trees and small parks for a rather urban area but I wouldn't have thought it could sustain a flock of wild turkeys. There they are though.

When Pete and Marc returned from their walk they made Thanksgiving dinner.

We had striped bass that Marc (or our friend Ben) caught, spinach, green beans and baked potatoes. I shouldn't say this but my favorite thing was the potato. It almost like a little ball of glue. I LOVE gluey food. What a freak.

We also had a store bought pumpkin pie.


michaela said...

HEY... Just like VERMONT!

I am so glad to see they made it. They probably headed into Boston to avoid hunters. Or, maybe someone set them loose as a gag... (only a twisted mind like mine would think of that!).

Hopers said...

My sister says you should have shot one and then eaten it for dinner. But she's a Vermonter, so take that as you will. :p