Friday, July 22, 2011

What To Do?

I've noticed recently that I have a problem with acceptance. I'll repeatedly beat my head against a situation in search of a solution when sometimes there isn't one.

I wonder if it's because of all of the stories about heroism I've enjoyed in my life? All of those mysteries that are solved and tidily wrapped up in the end? I wonder if my finding that kind of thing deeply satisfying and inspiring might be hindering my ability to accept a situation in real life?

I always feel like there ought to be something I can do about something I don't like. Lately I've been meeting a whole slew of situations that I can't influence at all. It's been frustrating.

Of course the best way to figure out what to do about something is see it for what it is. To do that you have to accept it as it is. Observe and think before you act.

Sometimes there's something I can do. If there isn't though I need to accept that and move on. At least I've started to realize this. I hope the lesson sinks in soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I know I was bragging about having time to think but it turns out I need more before I have anything worth telling you about.

In lieu of sharing my "interesting" thoughts I will give you a little garden tour, successes only:

A volunteer Balloon Flower (I love volunteers)

I believe this is Bibi Mazoon but I'm not positive

This guy's teeth light up at night. He's solar LED!

Butterfly bush doing its thing


More tiki fun plus purple coneflowers. Hey Mel, it's not too late to set up the bird bath.

Crown Princess Margareta

Darcey Bussell

The sign says "It's five o'clock somewhere" and is accompanied by little metal sunset, hammock and fruity cocktail.

This is the grocery store rose from back in March. I'm so relieved that it's still alive.

Lady Emma Hamilton

Our so-called "walkway"

The irrigation system I set up actually works!

Aside from the grocery store rose all the roses are the ones I planted back in May. You wouldn't believe how fragrant they are. So far all the plants are alive and flowering but not all of them were photogenic today. I HOPE TO GOD I CAN KEEP THEM ALIVE THROUGH NEXT YEAR AND AFTER THAT!!!! I'm scared - can you tell?

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Starting the day after tomorrow I'm going to have time to think. I know - can you believe it? Hopefully this will lead to some very inspired blog posts. Fingers crossed.

Today, however, will be all about wildlife. I found this spider in our vestibule, hanging over the front door. I wonder how many times we've passed below it without knowing it was there?

The face on its back looks pretty friendly.

I'm very glad that no one at our house has arachnophobia. We'd probably need to move. Actually, when you think of all the spiders that routinely live in our house this one wouldn't be an issue - we'd have moved already.

Update: Our friend and wildlife expert, Don, says he thinks this is a Barn spider. So exotic. It's latin name is Araneus cavaticus (slightly more exotic) According to wikipedia, it is the same kind of spider as Charlotte in Charlotte's Web.