Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Biggest Loser I've Encountered Today So Far

There was a girl on the phone behind me on line to vote this morning. She was telling the person on the other end that she'd given herself an hour to vote and if that wasn't good enough then too bad. About five minutes further into the conversation I heard her say "This is ridiculous! I'm out of here!" She hadn't been there ten minutes yet. So much for her hour.

She would in fact have had to wait an hour and a half if she'd been determined to vote. But you know what? She was still being asinine.

So you have to wait a friggin' measly hour and a half! So what?! That's nothing. There are people in the country going through much worse than that to be able to vote. There are people who will go through worse and still not have their vote counted. That idiotic girl just threw her opportunity in the gutter.

I don't know, maybe she'll try again later today after she gets to work and starts bragging about how she left because the line was "too long" and nobody thinks she's cool. I can dream.

I'm dreaming about a lot of things today.

We've got it really good here. For the most part we aren't threatened with weapons, threats and/or death when we try to vote. There are too many places on the planet where people are faced with those things.

The G.D. least any of us can do is SHOW UP!!!!!

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