Friday, November 7, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong

I said back on Nov. 5th that I think it's beautiful that we elected a black President.

I didn't vote for Obama because he is black. I voted for him because I thought he was the best candidate. He's prudent, insightful, cool-headed, rational, extremely intelligent and compassionate. I agree with most, though not all, of his stands on the issues. I believe he will bring healing and progress to our country. The fact that he's black is extra special icing on the cake. I would have voted for him if he was white or Asian or Latino or female or whatever.

Because he and his family are black we're going to see a lot more black faces in every level of American society. People who don't know any better will begin to find blackness just as normal as anything else it's possible to be. People who have been marginalized because of their appearance will begin to be evaluated by who they are and what they can really do. That is beautiful.

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