Monday, January 31, 2011

Goofier Is Better

Here's another piece I've been cranking on this week.  I figured out last night that I wouldn't be able to finish it before Friday's show.  No biggie - I have another new piece I haven't photographed.  That makes two new pieces plus everything I showed last time.  I'm satisfied.  I have another show coming up in April (I think - or is it June?  I wrote it down somewhere)  I can finish this by then.

The canvas that supports this thing has been at least two other things before this.  I've been working on this version for at least a year - I don't really remember how long.  By "working" I mean doing stuff to it and then leaving it alone for months.

There have definitely been times when I didn't know what to do to it next.  This week I figured out that I was being too precious about it.  You just have to pick something to do and do it.  It doesn't really matter what you do, just decide and that's what it's going to be.  I think I was trying to do the perfect thing.  How stupid is that?  After all, it's a painting of cartoon strawberries getting struck by lightening.  What is at risk here?

I used to know better than that.  I've got to stop being so dramatic.  I know - I'll be goofier!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is a new piece I'll be showing this Friday

I make an excellent hermit.  I've been hiding out from people all week (maybe longer) and it's done me a world of good.

Here's a MIRACLE: I'm happily working away in my studio.  It's been months and months since I've been able to really work there and even longer since I was happy about it.  I'd force myself to chip away at things when I could and that was the best I could do.

I know, it's sad.  You're supposed to love what you do and making art is supposed to be fun and what's so hard about making dumb junk anyway?  

Many of you know the feelings to which I refer.  To the rest of you I say: even making poor quality art can be really difficult and demoralizing.  Maybe I mean to say that the thought that you might be making poor quality art can be especially difficult and demoralizing.

Now don't get the wrong idea.  I'm not saying I make poor quality art - though I highly doubt anything I've made will be setting fire to Art Basel Miami (South by Southwest for the visual arts crowd only with A LOT more money) anytime in the next decade or so. 

It's just that most of the time when you're making art you have NO IDEA AT ALL what you're doing or if it will be worth anything when you're done (whenever that is, if ever)  When I say "worth anything" I mean the effort before I mean worth money.

Taking the long view, making the effort is worth making the effort.  It's hard to maintain the long view day to day.  But here I am at the end of my recent forced-making rainbow and I actually do have something to show for all that work I made myself do.

I guess some people have more faith in themselves and are able to be content enjoying their processes and their efforts.  Maybe if I continue to meditate I can develop a better attitude.

It probably wouldn't hurt if Life could take it a little easier on me for a little while too.  Hi Life! XOXOXO! (Blows a kiss and waves frantically)

Here's something else from my studio: what I like to call companion planting.

While Pete, Fay and I were away for Thanksgiving the studio mice made Thanksgiving with my cyclamen.  They crawled into the pot and chewed every succulent stem, every leaf, every tender little growing sprout they could reach.  There was one survivor: a large leaf that had been suspended over its cactus neighbors.

So I rounded up the cacti and surrounded the cyclamen pot with them.  Then I took some conveniently available baby cacti and put them in pot as well (as you can see)  Then I crossed my fingers and hoped that that one surviving leaf could photosynthesize enough to carry the poor cyclamen along for a while.

So far so good - we have new growth.  I'll keep my fingers crossed though.  That one little leaf peeking out over the rim makes me a little nervous.  Mice can be very resourceful when they're hungry.

Finally, here is another wig my mom gave me for my birthday.  Thanks Mom!
Please don't yell at me for saying this because it's true: the years are really becoming apparent.  I am no longer twenty-eight.  Seriously.  Even though I think I am.

I did get carded at the grocery store yesterday.  I should mark that on my calendar - it may never happen again.  I think there was something wrong with that guy.  Or maybe he was trying to butter me up.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Credit Where It's Due

I can't believe that I didn't link to the store where you can get these (and many other) cool wigs.  Miss Violet Lace can now be found on ebay.

Should you take the plunge and get yourself (or somebody else) a wig from her, just know that when it arrives it will probably smell deliciously of cupcake or cotton candy. If that is something you appreciate then I suggest you go to her Etsy store and get yourself a bottle or two of her hair and wig perfume.

I have to say that walking around with pink, cupcake scented hair is doing wonders for my disposition.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Declare

Under most conditions wigs are better than winter hats.

Why would I say something like that?  Well, for one thing, wigs are cute. Unless they're fun or DEADLY SERIOUS. They allow you to have any hair you want. You don't have to take them off once you get indoors and reveal your horrific hat-head. They are also plenty warm for most purposes. I probably wouldn't go for a day of downhill skiing wearing a wig rather than a hat. Mostly I wear hats around the house in the winter because we're cheap and refuse to heat our house properly (unless we're in Cambridge where we have a heat pump and it's impossible to heat the place properly) So why not have a little extra fun and wear a wig instead?

Pete and my mom gave me these wigs for my birthday. Thanks you guys!!!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

English Shoes

Okay, this is it for shoes this week.  Below are the amazing constructions you can get on the Irregular Choice website if you live in the U.K.  You might be able to get a few of these styles on certain Stateside websites too if you're lucky.

This isn't everything they have that we don't, just a selection.

 You can get the pair below on

 The boots below are also available on endless

Are those sneakers out of control or what?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Second To Last Post About Shoes This Week

I promise.  If I have anything else to say about shoes this week (after tomorrow) I'll say it next week. It's just that Irregular Choice is completely blowing me away right now.  The joy and imagination on display here is unlike any I've seen.  This is a universe that I'd like to live in.

Okay, these are a little scary:

So amazingly red:

 Pink pompom fringe!

 These are described as metallic blue embossed leather boots

Almost all of these shoes (and the ones from my earlier post) come in at least one other color.  Many come in three other colors.  Some are on sale.

Today's shoes are all on the U.S. website.  The U.K. website has even more complete madness going on.  I'll posts a selection of those tomorrow.