Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What If...

Okay, you know krill, food of whales?  I know you do but I linked to the wikipedia entry for it just because I could.  Also, I'm thinking "Krill" could be a good band name.

Anyway, I was thinking about bugs tonight and about how in a way mosquitos are krill of the air.  What if there were air whales?  What if air whales came to your barbeque and were swooping around devouring clouds of mosquitos?

This summer has been a big one for the mosquitos here in Vermont.  Many times this summer I've been out grilling food, hearing a thunderous hum of mosquitos at my back.  I've really expected to turn around and see a dense cloud of them right behind me just like in the Off commercials.  What if you turned around and instead you saw the gaping maw of an air whale coming at you?  It would probably take some getting used to.

I am always happy to see the bats swooping around in the evening.  I always wish them good health and hearty eating.  I guess it's good that they don't have to compete with air whales.  However I do wish they could improve their mosquito eating volume.  I have this idea that they really go for the large moths.  You know, one big meal, rather than a mess of hors d'oeuvres.  I would like to convince them that hors d'oeuvres are usually much tastier than an entrĂ©e.  If they went for the mosquitos that would really help me out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I feel like one of those kids in the marshmallow test.

It's been so hot the last few days that I've really had a hard time not having ice cream for dinner.  Ice cream is tasty.  It's cold.  It requires no preparation.  Having it for dinner feels a little reckless.  It's fun!

It's not on my diet.

If I don't have the ice cream, later I can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I stuck to my diet.

Do I choose the instant gratification of ice cream or the deferred adult reward of having done the right thing?

Who can tell?

Plus, they keep talking about Vienna and the spy swap that happened there today.  When I think about Vienna all I can see in my mind is a huge, beautiful pile of whipped cream!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Week's Hilights

This is so fascinating!  Here's my lunch from the Fourth of July:

Here's the glitter tattoo I got from the gumball machine at the grocery store.  When it's really hot out a glitter tattoo makes me feel cooler.

It came right off when I put sunblock on it the next day.  : (

"Mommy, why is that old lady wearing a romper?"
"Shhh, honey, it's not nice to notice mentally ill people."

Girded for barbeque in my Buzz Off hoodie and headlamp.  I actually had a whole suit going.  Matching pants and everything.  I thought I resembled an emaciated bear.  No photo though.  Sorry.

Me me me!  I'm so wacky!  I'd like to blame the heat but that wouldn't be fair.