Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ow And Mediocre Food

Flattened by a migraine. I don't recall relaxing recently (I usually get them after I relax a bit) Anyway, I'm forced to take a break in activities.

All the canning supplies have arrived and I made it to the market and the hardware store for everything else I need. That's when the migraine hit. Nothing like driving when you have massive unstable blind spots. At least I'm in the country where there isn't much traffic.

I did get the pear crisp done this morning and it's tastier than last year's. Since it's not photogenic I don't have proof that I made it. You're going to have to take my word for it. This time I used toasted pecans in the topping as opposed to slivered almonds. Toasted pecans are a bit more flavorful and crispy. Memo to myself: use less granulated sugar in the filling, more lemon juice and maybe more cinnamon.

The recipe is from one of those Cook's Best Recipe cookbooks. I'd have used a different one but Pete asked for it. Have I said before that I find their recipes disappointing? Well I do. There's definitely a committee effect to those recipes. Every one that I've tried except for the pan roasted chicken breast has been less than compelling. They get some things right: the methods are solid and produce good textures but the flavors lack the magic that would make me want to make those dishes again. The mac and cheese was actually kind of a bummer. You put in all that work some really good Grafton cheddar and yeah, it's creamy and not mushy but it just doesn't taste cheesy. Boo!

I'd kill for a bagel and cream cheese right now. Did I buy that at the store? No. I got some Heradura Silver tequila though. That doesn't help me in this condition.

Hey - I just heard my Brookline neighbor's band on the VPR local jazz show. Cool! And it didn't bite. That's a bonus.

Okay, now I'm going to make myself a substitute for bagel and cream cheese. Probably pasta with jarred sauce and mozzarella. Just like in college! No brain power required. Well, slightly more required than for a bagel and cream cheese.

How pathetic that I've written so much about mediocre food.

Uhhm, my migraine made me bore you. Sorry.

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