Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maybe Not My Finest Work

The photo isn't very good (it's a composite, in fact) I didn't have a tripod and there's no sense of scale (they're each 14" in diameter) I think you get the idea though.

These were inspired by a bad mood. The bad mood was not inspired by an excess of pears (Jenn)

I'm going to make a bunch more, different colors, different styles and see how they look together.

Okay, they're not subtle or profound (necessarily) but I feel they're positive.

Today's ginger pear lime preserves are cooling on the counter. I think I didn't chop the pears finely enough since I got about half the yield the recipe said I would. I hope the lime to pear proportions aren't all screwy too. I hear the lids popping in the next room. That's a good sign.

1 comment:

michaela said...

These look like ceramic plates with the lettering applied on top. I like that you are experimenting with a different method.

They look pissed-off.

They look angry.

They look like a bad mood.