Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 13 is Fay's Birthday

You know how I hate to be hot and sweaty? Well I'm hot and sweaty. But it's for a good cause because I'm gardening!

We got a note from the electric company saying that they couldn't get through the yard to read the meter. I guess that means it's past time for gardening.

So I'm moving a clump of daylilies that I've been wanting to move for years and later I'll get out the string trimmer and bushwhack a couple of paths to the meter. I'm doing that later because I'm beat from being hot and sweaty and I need a break. Wussy. No stamina.

Today is Fay's tenth birthday!!!!!! YAY FAY!!!!!

I didn't know if she'd make it this far. I'm very happy she did. I think she's officially considered an old lady now. I think ten human years makes her 63 in dog years. That isn't really so old when you get down to it. 18 years for the first year plus five for every year after that. What will we do for her birthday? I don't know. Maybe give her some steak? We treat her like a queen almost every day so it's difficult to think of something special that she'd enjoy.


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Jenn said...

Happy birthday Fay! *scritches*