Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Still Summer At The Beach

It's still hot and sunny on the east end of Long Island. Weather Underground says sun all week. I'll be here.

Yesterday there were two guys on the beach playing live jazz. One had a guitar, one an alto saxophone. Thanks guys - that was great! My favorite saxophone experience ever. I think Pete and I stayed on the beach an hour longer than we would have just because of them.

I've been knitting a sock on the beach with Noro Kureyon sock yarn (Japanese yarn, by the way) It's self-striping and probably itchy. Someday I'll learn the "magic loop" technique and be able to knit two socks at once. This time I got impatient and just cast on to two circular needles.

Usually I don't like to knit at the beach because I feel like I'm getting sun block all over my work. This yarn feels so rough though that I know I'll need to wash it if only to soften it up so I'm not worried.

Last night we had dinner at a restaurant in East Hampton called Fresno. We called at around five and got a reservation for 7 PM. We were a little worried about that. What's wrong with them? It turns out that nothing's wrong with them. Best dinner I've had in quite a while. I know it's nothing new now but whoever invented that molten chocolate cake thing should be rich and famous.

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