Saturday, September 13, 2008

Emergency Fun Post!

My friend Jenn just introduced me, through her blog, to a new subculture of which I've been unaware: over-the-top bento box making.

I've only known about this for about ten minutes but it's COMPLETELY CRAZY! So far I've just seen photos by the people Jenn linked to on her blog but I can tell this is the tip of a really huge iceberg. I like this person's bentos best so far because they are made out of food you could actually eat for a nutritious lunch.

Wait a minute, this person's look damn amazing and nutritious too. I started with the photo Jenn linked to that showed a bento storm trooper complete with Death Star.

Can you imagine opening up your lunch box and finding these things to eat?

I could really get into making things like this. However I'd prefer to eat them! I wish I had a rice ball right this minute! Pathetic in comparison but possible.

Another thing I'd really like: to go to a bento convention. You could see the super stars of bento in action!

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Jenn said...

Can't. Stop. Obsessing.