Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, I don't Know...

So far as I can tell yesterday's pear preserves, "Spirited Pears," or as I like to call them, Boozey Pears, went perfectly. I even got an extra jar or two. Hopefully time won't prove me wrong.

Today I made pear jam using pectin. There's a butt-load of sugar in jam. Much more than there is in marmalade or the other preserves I've tried thus far. The recipe called again for finely chopped pears. This time I was careful to chop them very finely so I could measure the amounts properly. I followed the recipe carefully too and ended up with five full jars plus one not quite full jar of jam. The recipe said it would yield eight jars. I don't think I can blame altitude for this one. Maybe our pears aren't as juicy as commercial pears?

Anyhoo, I've learned so much from making these preserves. I've had a lot of fun trying new things and making mistakes. I'll definitely continue to make preserves in the future.

You know, apple season is looming.

I thought I'd use up all my pears today but no, I still have several more. What kind of preserves will the future bring? Or maybe I'll just make a cake or a tart or something. I'm too tired to think about it right now.

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