Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pears - My Activities For The Near Future

So far I'm planning on making pear crisp (because Pete asked) pear jam, ginger pear marmalade, pear port compote, pear mincemeat, ginger pear preserves, and pears in brandy, rum, cognac - whatever we have around since you add the alcohol to each jar individually.

I'm very excited because I've never really tried making preserves before. I think the Ball Complete Book Of Home Preserving will be very helpful. The instructions appear to be very thorough and clear and the recipes look delicious. I'll let you know after I've tried some.

Michaela suggested pear tart. I'll probably make one of those too. Why not?

I'm also working on a new range of plates. I might - if I'm lucky and don't collapse under the weight of all these pears - be able to photograph them and post the photos by the weekend.

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Jenn said...

Are they plates inspired by pears?