Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Example Of Why It Doesn't Suck To Be Me

That would be today.

Key: asterisked (*) words denote special privileges.

Okay, I am on vacation* but when you have a laptop* that's a relative term. I can say that I'm mostly on vacation.*

Have you heard "Love Is Only Sleeping" by the Monkees lately? It's really good. Listen to it again. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. So is this song by Empire Of The Sun, "Walking On A Dream," which I heard on Dave Allen's blog*.

Yeah, that and Pizzicato Five are playing* as I write.

Today I made some killer garlicky potato salad* with potatoes from a local farm stand* and fresh dill*, cleaned up after the dog (all day but that's just how it has been and will be for the foreseeable future) and went to the beach*. I just came in from having a giant gin and tonic* out in the (beautiful*) back yard*. I had my iPod* plugged in to the outdoor speakers* enabling me to listen to my very favorite music* while gazing at the sunsetting sky* which was full of mare's tail (fair weather) clouds. Did I mention that I had skull and crossbones ice* in my gin and tonic? This is one of the things I've been waiting all summer to do!

I got to feel quite magical* in fact. After my outdoor shower* I pulled on this friggin' awesome cotton dress* that I got on sale*.

Then I sat out there on the chaise lounge,* listened to my music,* sipped my gin and tonic,* accompanied by my dog in her wheelchair,* and watched deer course through the back yard*.

Really the only onerous thing I did today was buy plane tickets* to go do something I really want to do and fully expect to enjoy*. And I bagged up a bunch of trash to take out*. Boo-hoo.

Soon I will make myself a nutritious dinner* from leftovers*. Then I'll probably play video games* or watch some cable T.V.* and knit*.


Jenn said...

That cotton dress is friggin' awesome. So are the ice cubes. Totally jealous over here...

Melissa said...

I understand.

And yet I know you're fully aware that it doesn't suck to be you either though.

Hopers said...

I would say that it definitely doesn't suck to be you. :)

I have another one for your list. I'm putting together the liner notes for my album and I totally gave you an engineering credit. ;)

Tillie said...

Keep up the good work.