Saturday, September 13, 2008

Other Garden News + Cake

It's been a great year for apples and pears. Maybe a little too good as this pear tree has lost two branches because of the weight of excessive fruit. I don't honestly know what to do with all these pears. We're giving a lot away.

I ate a couple while I was figuring where to put the rest of the daylilies.

The bees are raising a ruckus on the anemones. This clump of plants is very noisy with bee buzzing. It warms a gardener's heart.

Finally, it's getting autumnal up here. After gardening I took a restorative stroll down to the pond. I was kinda hoping I'd bump into a loaded blackberry bush but no luck there. Instead I got a beautiful view of the pond, the gazebo roof, the smoke bush and the trees just starting to turn colors. Very lovely. Maybe I can get Pete to take a photo with his SLR.

Now for the cake. This morning while I was rampaging about Sarah Palin and how I think she's George W. Bush in a skirt I made some maple pecan cake from this Williams Sonoma mix. As you know I'm not normally a mix girl but this cake - they call it quick bread - is really really good. I recommend it.

Now that I'm on their site I'm seeing a bunch of intriguing things. Like the acorn cakelet pan. I kind of have a thing for acorns.

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