Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Round Up

I would say that the first major holiday after my dad's death went pretty well.

It started off a little slow with me and Mom striking out for the mall right away.  Our hearts weren't really in it.  We did find a couple of cute things to buy.  I got a red lipstick and Mom got a fun scarf.  We had the most fun at the Kate Spade store. (That's where my lipstick is from.  Looks like you can't get it on line though)  Lots of fun shapes and colors there.  But we weren't really in a shopping mood.  It kind of felt like our usual lunch wasn't as fun either even though we got popovers.

When we got back from shopping, Mom, Pete and I went and picked up Pete's brother, Marc at the airport.  Things perked up after that.  We got to show him the things we like about town.  For instance we had dinner at the Whaling Bar.

While we were there my brother and Sarah arrived from L.A..  Once we were all together, including the dogs, we all kind of loosened up and relaxed.

It ended up being a pretty jolly and low key Thanksgiving.  The food was great, there was no strife of any kind (well, Fay tried to beat up her doggie cousins - I'd count that as strife)  Okay, no human strife.  A good time was had by all.  Hooray!


Hope said...

Doggie strife is sometimes good, because it distracts the humans from their own strife!

Michaela said...

That Fay. She never lets a little obstacle, like how others might see her as a little old gal, stand in her way. We could all learn some lessons from the dogs in our lives.
xo M