Monday, November 8, 2010


Pete and I have been watching a lot of SCTV lately.  The routine has been make dinner together then eat while watching a couple of SCTV episodes on my laptop.  Sometimes we have a fire in the fireplace too.  Then we hit the hay.

We came up with the idea that this has had an influence on the pleasant dreams we've been having lately.  We tested the theory out last night.

The results were inconclusive.  I couldn't remember any of my dreams.  Also, Fay woke me up at around four in the morning.  It was sleeting like you wouldn't believe - just pounding against the windows and the metal roof.  I only drowsed till around six after that.

Here's some SCTV for you.  Keep an eye out for Juul Haalmeyer, leader of the Juul Haalmeyer Dancers in this clip.  He's the tall one with the very dark hair.  I love that guy.  I joined his fan club on Facebook!

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