Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lame NaBloPoMo Post

The food around here is incredible.

Yesterday we ate at a barbeque place called "The Pig."  Whoa it was good!  I got a little video but I don't have time to get it together for posting today.  Alex made dinner last night - Thai - and it was wicked good.  Olivia made a pear and grape pie but we were too full to have any last night.

Olivia and I had pie for lunch.

Tonight for dinner Pete and I met up with his band-mates.  They're starting off a tour tonight here in Carrboro.  We went to probably the best Indian place I've ever been to, Vimala's Curry Blossom Café.  Yow!  The food is beautifully cooked with local ingredients.  It's so fresh tasting and not the least bit heavy or greasy.  Very good pre-rocking food.  Not that I'm doing any rocking except in the audience.

I'm going back home tomorrow so I should have more time to write better blog posts - at least until I go to California to be with Mom for Thanksgiving.

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