Friday, November 19, 2010

Normal Day

I am thinking that the sooner I write my 50k words, the sooner I will feel like I've accomplished something.  Then I will have something to celebrate and I could use that.

Thanksgiving will be the first holiday since my dad died.  It's starting to bum me out.  (Is there some other way I could put that that isn't so hippie/80s surfer?  Probably.  I'll work on it)

Okay, I'll admit I'm feeling a little down today.  (Pete - I'm fine - don't worry!) I should probably just go over to the barn and do a little Yourself!Fitness then come back and make a tarte tatin.  I Yourself!Fitnessed yesterday and I think Maya was trying to kill me with the lunges.  I can barely move today.  Guess I've really been slacking.

What I want to do now though is crank out more words!  (I also want to eat some tarte tatin but I'd have to make it first)

I've been typing so much lately that I've become really annoyed with my typing style.  I make a lot of typos.  I think faster than I can accurately type (just like everybody else) so sometimes I won't notice until I've gone three or four words past where I miss-typed.  Of course I also change my mind about how I want to put something.  When those things happen (like I just got to the end of that last "that" and realized I'd forgotten to capitalize the w in "when") I just backspace everything and fix it.  Sometimes it seems like I'm deleting more than I'm typing - especially if it's a problem of how to put something.

I also find that my left hand likes to mix up the letters w, s and a.  What is that about?  I can't tell you how many times I've typed something like "wometimes."  So irritating.  I don't have an equivalent problem with my right hand.

My right hand is far more accurate than my left.  I know I'm a righty but what does that have to do with it?  I don't think it's about physical coordination, I think it's a mental tic (of course that might be part of what it means to be a righty).

Oh well.  The sun is setting and I traditionally perk up in the evening.  I'll crank out several hundred words and then maybe make that tarte tatin.  Dinner is already made - I made a beef, potato and bacon goulash the night before last.  GOD BLESS LEFTOVERS!!!!  Then I'll complete my 1667 word daily target* and call it a night.

Big plans.

* As of right now I'm at 30,629 words total.


Marilyn said...

So, my mom died on November 12, 2000. Thanksgiving is always a little melancholy since then. Mike and I switched things up since then and we try to be low key. I'll be thinking of you. Hugs.

Melissa said...

Thanks Mar,
I'll be sure to think of you too. Hugs back.