Friday, November 12, 2010

The Guy On The T - Wish Him Luck

I met a really nice man on the T today on my way home from the airport.  He complimented me on my wheelie bag.  It is a pretty good one: pink metallic leopard print (of course)

We got to talking and he asked me what I was doing for Thanksgiving.  I told him I was visiting my mom.  He said "that's what I'm doing right now."  I asked him where his mom was and he said "she's at Mass General.  She had a stroke the other day."  Naturally I told him I hoped she was doing okay and he started telling me all about it.  In fact I had to interrupt him because he was about to miss his stop.  He jumped up and made it off the train in time.  Phew.  I yelled "good luck,"  to him as he left.

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