Sunday, May 31, 2009

William Shakespeare 'n' Stuff

You see this rose?  Its name is William Shakespeare and it is growing in my garden in Brookline.  You would not believe how delicious it smells.  This is the finest smelling rose into which I've ever stuck my nose.  If you live near me come on by and smell it for yourself.  Or one of its co-roses.  It smells like deep rose and fruit and candy.

Do I have to move this rose bush to Vermont or will the people who eventually buy this house promise to take good care of it?  That is an answer for another day.

Today has been grueling and it's only now five o'clock.  I intend to spend the next half hour or so building up my strength for a walk to J.P. Licks in Coolidge Corner so I can go get a kick-ass hot fudge sundae.  I will brave the depths of hell (Coolidge Corner - blech) for a kick-ass hot fudge sundae.

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