Saturday, May 16, 2009

May, Week Two

We did an amazing job cleaning out the house and getting it ready for showing.  It is heartening to me to know that I can do something like that because now I'm going to have to do it in Vermont as well.

The first several people came to look at our house on Friday at noon.  It wasn't an official open house so Fay and I were still there.  It felt really strange to be there while people were going through so I popped Fay in the car and bolted.  We went to the reservoir on route 9 where the cherry blossoms were blooming and the grass is soft.

Fay and I went to the reservoir for at least an hour each of the next three days as well.  Our realtor said that the open house on Saturday drew a hundred people.  By Tuesday we had five offers, one of which we accepted.  Our house was on the market for one weekend.

So if you live in Brookline Massachusetts and you need a realtor, call Chuck Silverston at (617)264- 7900.  The man will sell your house.

On Wednesday Pete and I closed on the condo in Cambridge.

I love this house that we just sold.  Every day I'm saying goodbye to different aspects of it and of living here.  I know though that this is the right thing to do.  

One thing I think I'll miss very much is the greenery.  The block we live on is rectangular.  Our house is on one of the short ends so the back overlooks not just the back yard of the house behind us but the back yards of all the houses lining the long sides of the rectangle.  That's at least seven houses on each side.  It's very green for an urban setting.  We see more backyard birds in Brookline than we do in Vermont.  I've really been enjoying listening to the birdsong this week.

In Cambridge we have no trees near our apartment windows.  I can't complain because in Vermont I can listen to the frogs and the birds.  

Things in my life are changing at a rate that I can't begin to process so I'm not trying.  It's rather disorienting in a way.  Fortunately none of it is bad.

Well, except maybe this:  my dad's back in the hospital.  My mom called yesterday to tell me he was going in for a colonoscopy.  He'd been having what everyone thought was a bad reaction to his antibiotics but they just wanted to check to make sure.  It turns out he's contracted c. diff.  So dad's going to be in the hospital for a while longer.

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