Saturday, May 30, 2009

Further Evidence That My Brain Could Work Better

I can't seem to get the taste of bath-water out of my mouth.  

You might be wondering how the taste of bath-water came to be in my mouth.  Well, I'll tell you.

Last night I decided I wanted to take a bath.  Once the tub was full and I'd added a cap-full of Hinoki cypress bath oil I turned off the water and began to disrobe.  When I looked back - horrors - the tub was draining!  I whipped off the rest of my clothes, jumped in the tub and stomped down hard on the plug.  

Something like this had happened before.  The problem is that the o-ring on the plug is seated improperly.  Crisis averted, I ran a bit more water into my bath and proceeded to enjoy a long soak.  I knew I might have a different problem once my bath was done but I WANTED MY BATH, DAMMIT!

Another thing that has happened before with this tub is that once you've stomped the plug down it won't always respond to the lever and go back up again when you want to drain the tub.  Sometimes there's a slow leak and the water will drain on its own if you leave it overnight.  I didn't think that would be the case this time.  I thought I'd stomped it pretty good.  Nonetheless I left the tub overnight to see what would happen.  I figured if it didn't drain I could go to the hardware store in the morning, buy some tubing and have the fun of syphoning the bath-water into the shower.

You see where this is going.

Did I mention that we were having an open house at 11 AM today?  I like to make up fun little projects for myself.

All was, in fact, well.  I got the tub drained and dried in plenty of time.  The bath-water taste is the only price I paid (plus what I paid for the tubing) for my adventure - as far as I know.  The last time I couldn't get the plug to pop up I left it for a few days and it came up on its own.  I'm not worried about it.  It will probably need a new o-ring before this is over.

On a side note, Chuck, the realtor called after the open house.  He told me that the couple Pete and I bought our house from came to see it today.  They are thinking of buying the place again.  I think it would be cool to sell it back to them.  We can leave them all the same stuff they left us eighteen years ago.  That would be portraits of the family they bought the place from plus a few cinder blocks and an old tire that's under the deck.

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