Sunday, May 31, 2009


I walked up to Coolidge Corner and got myself an obscenely large banana split.

First I hit the comic book store for something to read while I ate but they were closed. Then I went to Booksmith and picked up a copy of Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World, by Haruki Murakami. He's got a heck of an imagination. His stories are wild but his style is "chill," as my brother-in-law, Marc would say. I feel I can count on him to blow my mind gently.

Back at J.P. Licks, the minute I'd settled myself at a table with my book and my trough of ice cream I heard someone say, "hi Mel!" It was Nancy, my neighbor from down the street, and her husband, Jeff. At least the book wasn't embarrassing.

As big as my banana split appeared to be (I thought it could feed four people) I managed to eat most of it. Funny how that works sometimes.

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Michaela said...

And THAT is truly disgusting.