Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barely Fits

Now here it is hanging in the gallery:
All of that work is mine.

I just don't do things the easy way so it was a bit of a struggle getting this thing hung. We brought it up to the gallery last night.  It took both Pete and me, me to carry the thing by one edge of the canvas and Pete to carry in the stretchers and to open the doors for me - it's not like I could put it down.

Today when we went in to hang our work I found that one of the strawberries had a huge rip in it,  Fortunately I'd brought the red paint.  I spackled over the rip with gobs of paint and smoothed the paint over with a paintbrush I fashioned from rolled up paper towel.  The rip should be fine.  Now I just have to hope that nothing comes crashing down overnight.

Of course if some of the Fuck plates come crashing down that could be cooler.  Self-fulfilling sentiment.

Here's Pete's side:
Now we just need people to come see our work!

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Hope said...

I hope it made it through the night!