Monday, March 14, 2011

Naturey But Not Chronological

I succumbed to the charms of a grocery store rose. 
This rose is not from our local market.  It's from the one in Keene that is larger and nicer and has nice produce.  Their bread is only so-so too though.  It's just that it's March so it's dark and cold and wet.  That white in the background is about a foot of snow.  If I can keep the thing alive long enough I'll plant it in a pot on my patio.  Wish me luck.  This photo is from today.

The following photo is from last week.  When we got to VT last week there had been an ice storm.  The morning after we arrived the sun was shining brilliantly and the trees sparkled like my favorite iridescent glitter.  I tried to capture the effect with the camera but, of course, it didn't work.  Still, you can start to see the different colors in some of the sparkles in the photo below.

Here's a long shot for the bigger picture.

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