Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It was another very productive day of gardening for Michaela and me.
I sprayed organic herbicide on the weedy areas that Michaela had cleared with her brush cutter last week while she (again doing the hard part) covered what I'd sprayed with cardboard and then mulch.
So tidy! Take that, noxious weeds! This is a job that we'd been trying to get done for years but things kept preventing us. Things like flat tires on all the wheelbarrows or I didn't order mulch in time.

We also put in the garden arch that used to be in our (Pete and my) front garden in Brookline. It looks nice and straight. Wait till the wind blows. It wasn't a fine install. I just wanted to get it out from under the eaves of the house where it would get pounded by roof-shed snow.
Here's the view over the herb garden again. I hope you can tell that everything is much neater and we're starting to gain control over the areas that had been overwhelmed by weeds.

Now I just have to take some triangulated measurements, do a few scale drawings and figure out what new shrubs and plants I want to put where. I'd better get those measurements before the snow flies.

In other fascinating news, I had fun making dinner tonight.

On Monday evening Pete and I had a nice date at the restaurant of a local inn. Pete ordered the lamb shank. I knew something was wrong when he asked the waitress for a steak knife.

Let's just say his dinner was disappointing. But to me it presented an exciting challenge: could I take his left over lamb shank (and there was a lot of it) and make it good? I found out tonight.

The answer is yes! I think they forgot to braise the thing at the restaurant. I popped it into a saucepan full of sautéed onions, red wine, beef stock, a bit of tomato paste, salt, pepper, rosemary and bay leaf and simmered it all for a little over an hour. HAH HA HA HA! Success!

It needs potatoes though.

So now I'm looking around for some chocolate. I hope we have some somewhere because I am NOT making cupcakes tonight.

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