Friday, November 6, 2009

Shots! (Not The Fun Kind)

Highway hypnosis. Fay and I drove from Vermont to Jamaica Plain (Boston) and back today so she could have her usual six-week check-up with the neurologist. We are both zombified and I just want to go to bed without any supper.

I'll have to power through though so I can try out the exciting new skill I learned today at the vet: how to prepare a hypodermic syringe for subcutaneous injection!

Fay's usual injectable medication now comes in a new formulation with no preservatives. They used to pre-load the syringes for me. Now I have to make it fresh myself. The neurologist's assistant showed me how to assemble and load a syringe today. Neato! And see - I can spell "syringe" correctly too!

I love a new skill! I wish it were karate or making a sea-worthy canoe out of rushes or dancing a tango or something else more exotic though. Maybe later. I'm not dead yet.


Valerie said...

Congrats! I'm very proud of you.

The Boyfriend is diabetic, so he's been giving himself insulin injections for years (well, now he's on an insulin pump, so no more injections). A few weeks ago, his 92-year old grandma called him. She'd been in the hospital and hadn't sounded like she was doing well last time he'd talked to her. Well, she sounded exactly like her tough old broad self when she told him, "I have to give myself shots in the stomach - and I'm doing it! I'm so proud of myself!"

Which just goes to show you that if you've picked up this skill so early on in life, you have the next 50 or so years to do all that exotic stuff!

Can this super long comment count as my blog post today? :)

Melissa said...

Oy! Nice to have something to be proud of when you're feeling lousy. I hope she can get out of the hospital soon and learn a new, more fun skill to be proud of too.

I was actually thinking this morning about how I wouldn't want to have to do the injection thing as an elderly person. It's harder than it looks on T.V.. Like the solution wants to suck back into the medicine bottle and you have to fight it. I'm so uncoordinated and it's hard to keep ahold of the syringe and keep the bottle in a good position at the same time. Practice helps, I'm sure. Learning early is a good thing.

I bet the insulin pump is a big improvement.