Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So This Cow Walks In To A Bar...

Okay, he's drinking from his right nostril in this photo. He/she's (he is a cow) an ambidextrous drinker. Later I found out that this is someone I know. He didn't say hi to me because he didn't recognize me. Clearly I didn't recognize him either.

I was dressed as Rachael Ray:

Later he let me try his mask on:
Kind of bizarre.

Pete had a gig that night. Here he is with his scream mask on:
And here's the band playing "The Monster Mash"
Left to right:
Paul (cow) Kenny (medical zombie) Nate (Carmine Apice) Pete (strawberry wig) Erica (slug with pigtails) Jeff (the very top of his head in the waaaay back - he's a skunk) George (convict) and a girl I didn't meet. Last two photos by Michael Wagner.

1 comment:

Michaela at TGE said...

That first photo... is priceless.

And you as Rachel Ray? OMG. You remind me of someone else... but I can not put my finger on it and it is driving me crazy.

This looks like such a blast.