Saturday, April 4, 2009

Whining and Cowboy Boots

Spring has to be my worst season.  Summer's rough too for a gal like me: HATES being hot, hair frizzes impossibly in the humidity, only sunburns, apparently the favorite food of mosquitos.  I even started another blog inspired by my distaste for summer.

While summer annoys and angers me (on the really hot, humid days) spring can cut me off at the knees.  I don't usually get migraines in the summer or incapacitating bouts of woe.  That's why spring is worst.  I shouldn't be so sensitive.  What's a little gloomy weather?  So it's cold and dark and wet.  Mind over matter and all that stuff.  

Today started out sunny in Brookline so I headed into the garden.  The spring spruce-up is extra important this year since we'll be putting our house on the market soon and we want that curb appeal.  I imagine whoever ends up buying the place won't want the garden I've put in though - it's untraditional and needs a bit of maintenance.  Well, different maintenance than a weekly mowing and occasional hedge-trim.

I did the big payoff stuff first: trim the box standards, lightly prune the roses, cut back the ornamental grasses and remove the twiggy stuff.  It began to rain lightly while I was working but no big.  I kept going and it looks a lot better now.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so I'll tackle the serious weeds - wild onions and lawn grass - then. 

So now that that boring weather report is over let's move on to shoes.

I kind of want some cowboy boots.  

These are nice:

And $439.00 on  Not getting those.

These are very cool:

They'll cost you $1,115.00 on  These are hand-made in Italy.  Needless to say...

You can get sort-of plain ones for under $100 on

But once you've seen the pretty ones it's hard to settle.

$509.00, both from

Not that it matters because I'm not getting any of them!  I don't have the $$$ and I don't ride horses!  Sure, millions of people sport awesome cowboy boots and never ride a horse.  I see people in them all the time and I don't go sniffing those folks to see if they just came from the stables or anything.  Hell, New England isn't cowboy country either.  People up here ride horses all the time - especially in Vermont.  I think they tend to wear hiking boots or something though.  Still, cowboy boots are pretty and I do like them.

As for other horse-related fashions, you'll never catch me in a pair of jodphurs.  Plenty of good reasons for that.  The fashion industry pulls 'em out once in a while to see what we'll do.  I'm not doing anything with those.  

I wonder if endless has layaway?

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samjean said...

Ugh, I hear you about the migraines. My friend sent me a humidity tracker for my birthday and called it a "migraine warning system"! I love the boots with the butterflies.