Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Award

I give myself the "Worst Craft Blog Ever" award.  Why is this? (I have to ask because who else will?)

Mainly because "I Make Things" and I don't tell you about it.  I have neglected to photograph and post the last five objects (at least) I have made.  What's more I gave them to their intended recipients without taking any sort of photos whatsoever.  You will never see the beautiful raspberry colored lace cashmere scarf that I made for Fay's neurologist.  Nor will you see the ruggedly good-looking and deliciously soft charcoal-grey baby alpaca scarf I made for Fay's neurologist's assistant.

You might get a chance to see the three ring-bearer pillows I finished yesterday and mailed to California today.  I expect to meet up with them again later and there will be cameras in abundance then.  Also pretty California light.

I have to say that things have been stressful lately.  Nothing terrible - I have a very cushy life.  It's just that our real estate agent wants to put our house on the market next Thursday.  Pete's had clients non-stop in Vermont for the last two weeks.  This leaves me with most of the job of going through our belongings and deciding which to sell, which to pitch (rhyme!) which to move to our new puny apartment-to-be (if all goes well) and which to move to VT.  

That's actually fair since I was responsible for accumulating most of this crap anyway.  All Pete ever buys is guitars and recording gear which he stores neatly where it all belongs in his recording studio.  Wow, are we different from each other.

Still, it's a big job.  Spending yesterday cranking on ring bearer pillows was an enormous relief.  It was also damned successful if I do say so myself.   Should I ever get through weeding our belongings I might have time to finish my Etsy shop and start a new career in wedding gear (another rhyme!)  Maybe then there will be more photographic evidence of the "things" I have "made" complete with prices.  And maybe then one of the "things" I can "make" will be money.

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michaela said...

Phew ! I am so glad you finally mentioned the pillows. I have been stalking your blog, hoping to get a glimpse of them. I am dying to see these creations. PLEASE post photos when you take them....

And I am sorry to hear that life is stressful right now. It sure feels like everyone is crazy busy, (this chick included).

But I am thinking of you, and hope to catch up with you after this set of waves.