Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Challenge Me To A Duality - Ha ha ha - ugh.

Fay's recovery is NOT going smoothly. You can read about it on my other blog. I"m not sure how much longer we'll have her with us.

I'm toying with making this blog here, the one you're reading now, the "Light" blog and the other the "Dark" blog. Maybe. Maybe it's better to incorporate all sides of one's personality? And then I don't want this blog to be nothing but flowers, sunshine and marshmallows. We'll see what develops.


Anonymous said...

Well, the only problem I have with the other blog is that it doesn't allow me to comment. Of course, I don't allow comments on my blog at all.... due to spammers.

I am so sorry that Fay is having a set-back. That really bites.

You are being so devoted. She has the best person in the world! Not many dogs are so lucky.

I hope she is not in too much discomfort.

Your friends are thinking of you...

lizkdc said...

I worship these.

lizkdc said...

Also, you have had a sucky month. You deserve a cupcake as big as a barn.