Friday, December 7, 2007

Apparently I Buy Things Too

I wish I'd bought five of those lip shirts.

I also got these gloves which I can't recommend highly enough. They're convertible and fleece lined so they're also really toasty.

Who shops at Urban Outfitters in their forties? I'll tell you who - goofballs.


Valbee said...

Ok, first of all, there's no way I'm believing you're in your 40s. I'm in my 40s. You are like... 27. In my head, at least.

Second, if all people in their 40s who shop at Urban Outfitters are goofballs, count me in. Well, count me in after the holidays. I swear, for every present I buy someone else, I'm buying one for me. I'm gonna have a GREAT holiday this year.

Anonymous said...

Keep those talented fingies warm!

Those toasty gloves are totally YOU, (and SO is that lip smacked t shirt!).

After about 7 tries, I finally was able to see the photos. Dial up is even SLOWER in an ice storm I guess.