Monday, February 14, 2011

Say What?

What is the MATTER with people?

Real Simple magazine is claiming that hair and eyelash extensions will change my life (and make every day a little bit easier) I am OUTRAGED.  That's just two of the five beauty treatments they mention on the cover.  The other three are Keratin treatments (which require both the stylist and client to wear safety masks during the process due to toxic fumes) to keep hair frizz (the bane of human existence) down, a gel manicure (not so bad I guess, considering) and laser hair removal.  What do any of these things have to do with SIMPLICITY? I ask you!

I find it very simple, easy and cost effective to not feel that I ever have to try to look like a supermodel.

In O Magazine they're telling us that we need to organize the bacteria in our guts.  It mostly boils down to eating real food instead of processed.  Ta-dah!  Rocket surgery!

Finally, Anthropologie is selling this $298.00 bathing suit.

If that seems outrageous to you you could go for this faux tankini for only $278.00.

Sigh.  What's a reasonable* person to do?  My plan is to forget about all this crap now that I've complained about it publicly.  Real Simple's in the recycle bin.  There are still a few articles I want to check out in O though.  That one's always a mix and you have to expect it.  At least it's not claiming to be the opposite of what it really is.

UPDATE: Michaela did a little research and found that you can get a flight from Boston to San Juan, Puerto Rico for $232.00 including tax.

Also, I have no problem with hair or eyelash extensions or fake nails or hair dye or most of the things people do to try to make themselves look better or different.  A lot of them are or sound like fun.  What I object to is the claim that they make your life easier.  No they don't.  Sorry.

*Like how I'm calling myself reasonable when all I think about is shoes?


Hope said...

Real Simple should be called Real(ly Not So) Simple

And, yet, I can't bring myself to cancel my subscription...


Sally G. Knight said...

Cancel, Hope. Cancel. What makes my life Real Simple is browsing through magazines while sipping lattes at the local bookstore and then leaving empty handed. Or browsing through magazines at the local public library.