Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Brown Mass

Hey look everybody!  I made another brown mass!
These are the sticky buns that it took me all frigging day to make (not counting making the dough last night) They are tasty but there are eighteen of them (well, seventeen - I'm eating one) and I'm just one gal.  Hello neighbors!  This time I used 100% new, unexpired ingredients.  Not sure how I'm going to store them all but I'll think of something.

Last night I made Cincinnati Chili for dinner.  See how happy that oyster cracker is about it?  You know, the one kind of towards the middle of the plate with the saucy smile?

It's sacrilegious but I made the chili with vegetarian "crumbles" so as to avoid the beef pool. I try to avoid ground beef unless I know where it came from.  I once met a guy who's a muckety muck for the CDC and he said hamburgers are the one thing he doesn't dare eat.  Maybe I should be afraid of hot dogs too?  And heck, if there's a beef pool there's probably a pork pool and a chicken pool.  Yuck.  Now I've got to remember whose husband he was and ask her.  The chili came out fine though.  There are so many spices in it that the meat/meat-like substance is pretty much a vehicle.  

Ooh, you know what?  I just finished my last bite of sticky bun and it was good.  I kind of want another one.  But no - I'll wait till tomorrow.

So I have a big day of snow shoveling planned for tomorrow.  Very exciting.  I tried to do everything that would require electricity today: laundry, using the Kitchen Aid mixer, charging my necessary devices, etc.  I'll also be keeping a fire going in the fireplace so the flue doesn't get clogged.  Maybe I can knit a lot too tomorrow.

You never know though, the power could stay on.  I have to say CVPS, our electric company, does a fantastic job of getting things fixed in a timely fashion.  Thanks, CVPS!  Keep up the good work!

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