Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know you're sick of hearing about it but I think Irregular Choice is trying to kill me.  Yes, they are still adding new styles and colors every couple of days.  Here's the most recent pair to catch my eye.

How am I supposed to resist this onslaught?

The pair below is not for everyone (including me, as much as I love bats)  They have the amazing Shirley Temple heel and leathery bats on the front.  They also come in black.

My beloved friend Michaela (also here) was AWESOME enough to say to me last night that these shoes (any of them - she didn't mean a specific pair) are not that expensive and that it's probably worth it to buy some (plural!) - even if they aren't in my size - just to make art with them.  Spoken like a true friend, artist and understanding shoe fiend.

Of course I completely agree.  So many of these fit in uncannily with the novel I wrote and the comic book/multi-media project I've been working on.  I'd almost be an idiot not to stock up.  By God these things look like my art work.  The only trouble is that there are SO MANY I love so which do I choose?  I can't have them all.

In bacon news, I postponed making the cookies until tomorrow.  I spent today crocheting large flowers for another piece I'm working on instead.

So much to make!  So much to make!!!!

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