Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letting The Cat Out

Pete and I have a number of things that we like to do when we go to La Jolla to visit my family.

The first place we have to go is Mr. Taco. Everybody in the family knows that.

The second place we have to go is Tokyo House in Pacific Beach.  Everybody knows this too.  What they don't know is that Pete and I have begun to indulge in the beer and sake special: if you order a big beer (22oz. bottle) you get an order of sake with it for a penny. At lunch time.  Yes, this is what we like to do.

I looked at a couple of the yelp reviews and some of the unflattering ones do have a point.  This place is a little scuzzy. Pete and I like scuzzy (I'm looking at you, Peppermill)  The people who work there are really nice and the food is great.  The music is unreliable, which is always entertaining.  Tokyo House is also a refreshing change of pace from the mostly fancypants stuff we do in California.

After our beers, sakes and makimono we like to go to the fifteen dollar store two doors down.  Everything there is fifteen dollars or less.  Like these rings.  They're all for sale at three dollars apiece.

 I went home with the one with red eyes on my middle finger.  I probably should have just bought them all so I could wear them all at once, as shown.  However, my beer-and-sake-addled head remained cool and I didn't.

Birthday photos tomorrow.

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