Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today's Surliness Brought To You By The Learning Curve

It took me all day to figure out how to resize this image so I could save it for the web and post it here.  A simple photo of a revolting bowl of Count Chocula.  Yes, the process was extremely aggravating.  It's six PM and I've just figured out how to do it.

This is continuing fallout from the destruction of my laptop (I had to use the word "fallout" - my laptop fell) Yes, I lost some software and some work I'd done with it but nothing very expensive or truly irreplaceable.  I lost so many photos that I don't even know how many I lost.  Of course most of them were worthless.  I can live with those things.  They're gone and I can barely remember them.  

I have yet to figure out how to get my address book up and running using the backups I made.  I may never manage it.  There's always Facebook and waiting for people to e-mail me so I can save their contact info again but still it's frustrating.  The same is true for my Safari bookmarks - not the most devastating loss either.  It's just that I used to have a comfortable system.  I had passwords and receipts saved in my old mailboxes.  Now I have to hit the "forgot password" link when I want to sign into something unusual.  Big deal.  Once everything worked smoothly, now it doesn't.  Oh well, suck it up and rebuild.

What has probably annoyed me most though is not having Photoshop.  I have photos to post up here!  Today I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Elements.  Adobe makes everything so much more confusing than necessary.  I'm sure I'll spend additional hours searching through the maze of tutorials to find out about stuff I don't want to do and stuff it hasn't occurred to me to do.  For today though, I can finally bring you a simple, reasonably-sized photo of a bowl of Count Chocula.

If only I could just be cool about all of this.  I know it's going to take a while for me to get back up to speed.  I chose to try to learn a new thing (Photoshop Elements)  It's computer software - of course it's confusing.  I just need to be patient.  What happened to all the reading about Zen I just did?  Things are new and different and you have to adjust.  C'est la vie...

Perhaps tomorrow I can post the photos from my birthday and begin to put this laptop incident behind me.

Now the reason I wanted to post this image in the first place is that today for the first time I found the taste of Count Chocula to be disgusting.  I believe this makes me officially mature.  It is no longer fun to eat Count Chocula.  I hope that the same cannot be said for Lucky Charms.


Hope said...

Now I want me some Count Chocula. I guess that makes me immature. :p

Melissa said...

Hope, keep in mind that I'm about a million years older than you. No rush.