Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Second To Last Post About Shoes This Week

I promise.  If I have anything else to say about shoes this week (after tomorrow) I'll say it next week. It's just that Irregular Choice is completely blowing me away right now.  The joy and imagination on display here is unlike any I've seen.  This is a universe that I'd like to live in.

Okay, these are a little scary:

So amazingly red:

 Pink pompom fringe!

 These are described as metallic blue embossed leather boots

Almost all of these shoes (and the ones from my earlier post) come in at least one other color.  Many come in three other colors.  Some are on sale.

Today's shoes are all on the U.S. website.  The U.K. website has even more complete madness going on.  I'll posts a selection of those tomorrow.


Me said...

I love the silver boots but I don't have the self-confidence to wear them. I also love these: http://shop.irregularchoice.com/womens/product/3559/poetic-licence-feminity.html?offset=243
I might try to somehow make and put a bow like that on boots I already own but I don't anticipate it working out.

Hope said...

I love the star shoes!