Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Things I Miss From Our Vacation

Here's what's sad: I actually miss the stench of Treasure Island.

You know what else I miss? Happy hour at Isla, Treasure Island's tequila bar.

I also miss Sushi Samba at the Palazzo. YUM!

I miss my brother and Sarah (here we are at the truly lurid Peppermill Fireside Lounge)

Here's another photo that Pete took in the Fireside Lounge
I love that place. I first went there with some friends when we were driving cross-country in 1987. It was just as fabulous disco-loungey. Pete and I took his parents there in 2001. We all sat around the fire pit and got into a conversation with a gaggle of drunken UNLV architecture students. One great thing about the Peppermill is that its owners know exactly what they have on their hands. Any renovations they've made have maintained the spirit of the place.

Here I am dumpster diving:

And look who I bumped into at Caesar's Palace:


Melissa said...

I never noticed before that my brother was wearing "sport pants" that night.

sarah and christian said...

yay! we miss you too!