Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well I Was Hungry

Minding my own business, eating my breakfast and looking on the web for a simple, cotton skirt that I could alter for the project I'm working on. "I know," I think, "American Apparel has plain, cotton clothes. They might have what I'm looking for."

Click, click, click... Click, click, click, women's skirts... "How the hell is that supposed to fit? They've got 'em all pulled up to their ribs. Try another style... She's sticking her ass out so far I can't tell how the damned thing falls!"

There are maybe two poses on the skirt page that aren't artificial "do me" poses. While we're at it, what's with all the visible nipples and see-through shirts? And it must be hot in the photo studio since they've all got their arms up over their heads, airing out their armpits.

I checked the men's section for comparison. On the pants page most of the men are shown standing like a normal person would stand, wearing pants. There were a mere two shots of men shirtless and semi-reclining.

I poked around other parts of the site to see how they were handled. Surprisingly, I saw zero shots of groups of semi-clad men lounging around on beds together or hugging in swimsuits. Not so for the gals.

Who is supposed to be shopping for these ladies' garments anyway? Or are these pages more for voyeuristic dudes changing things up with a little porn lite? I probably shouldn't try shopping there since I'm not an eighteen-year-old longing, yet not daring, to show off her naughty bits.

I really pity the young girls out there who just want to buy a simple skirt, like the ones all the other girls in school are wearing, and have to wade through all the "you are (should be) a tasty piece" crap.

While I'm at it, I pity the old ones too - like me!

Anyway, now I just feel gross.

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