Sunday, April 25, 2010

Garden Report For 4/25/10, Etc.

Today's gardening was done in street clothes and flip flops because my entire body ached and I didn't want to get too serious.  I pruned the roses, cut back the physocarpus and planted the new viburnum.

Of course the area in which I planted the new viburnum will need to be thoroughly weeded in the next coming weeks.  I thought it and I could wait until after the mulch arrives.

I'm still a little scared about the butterfly bushes.  I'm also afraid that the place I've chosen for the irises will be too wet or too weedy for them.  I will do my best.  If it starts looking bad I'll just move them.

In other making news, I got fed-up and started a new Noro sock.  Just one at a time this time.

I'm still working on these knee socks.  They live in Cambridge and are what I knit when I'm there.  I'm making good progress on this - the back and sleeves are done and I'm just starting on the right front.  I just wanted to add a little, fun project so I started a simple sock.  The plan is to eventually finish a pair.


Jenn said...

I love gardening. Once you've stressed about where to put everything, you get to stress about where you've put everything. Ironic.

That sweater's awesome. What color are you working it up in?

Melissa said...

The same color as the one in the photo.