Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adieu, Vegas!

I interrupt this bummer to bring you the final installment of Our Trip To Vegas:

The image below is not Photoshopped (except to decrease the file size) Pete really did snap a photograph of this storm trooper enjoying the view of the fountain at the Bellagio.

If someone offers you a free "Velvet Emerald Isle" don't feel bad about saying "thank you, no." Michael Collins whiskey is fine - say yes to that, just avoid everything else on the drink menu below.

The party's over: Pete's last beer in Vegas.
Notice that there are only men in the background in this shot? Ladies, if you're going to Vegas to meet guys, don't stay at the Venetian, the Palazzo, or Paris. All the guys are at Treasure Island. Likewise to you men, if you want to see more hot chicks by the pool you might want to stay someplace a tiny bit girlier.


Marilyn said...

You guys look super awesome. One of these days on your trips out west, we should plan to meet up! Hell, Vegas, San Diego? I'd do either of those to see you guys!

That drink sounds gnarly. I would definitely skip it and opt for a Grey Goose Martini, extra dirty, extra olives!

Melissa said...

Everything you say makes perfect sense. We MUST do it!