Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little Bit Country But Not Much Really

I just got an e-mail from proclaiming that this is what a gal should wear for a weekend in the country:
They are obviously smoking crack.
I take issue with the shoe choice.
Sure, you could wear those in the country under a few conditions:
  1. If you have someone to carry you everywhere
  2. If you're trying to meet a handsome country emergency room doctor
  3. Or of course if you hate the country and want to get out of hiking so you can spend your time in the inn lounge reading and having cocoa.
As much as I do love heels and manage to wear them out here in Vermont occasionally, I wouldn't make it up my front walk in this pair much less over the driveway to my car. Once I'd made it to my car I couldn't think of anywhere I could go where they'd be appropriate.

Maybe you could wear them somewhere classy and developed like Aspen or Telluride or something. I wonder if their height would impact the altitude affects you encounter in places like Telluride?


Melissa said...

Also, minus the shoes it's pretty much a dowdy seventies mom outfit.

Michaela said...

Ya know, I agree. If you are going to go all unrealistic an impractical in the wilderness... you might as well just take it all the way to Nanook of the North glamour, or at least toss in a few of Ginger's castaway sequins for heaven's sake. A girl needs a bit of color- we put on lipstick and perfume before we hit the tractor.

Melissa said...

Did I say classy? I meant wealthy.

Jenn said...

When I picture you in VT, there might not be heels quite as high as those, but there's definitely a lot more sparkle. And pinks and purples.