Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Between the Chilaquiles and the Rice Balls

I'm feeling a tad self-hindering today. Instead of following through on that though I will post about what happened in the time between the Chilaquiles post and the Toasted Onigiri post.

Below is a "before" shot of our garden.

And after:

Below is a shot of the herb garden that I posted last month so you can compare it to this day's work.

Almost all reference points are gone! The lavender is still there but frost got the bright green verbena in the first photo.

Below is my great friend Michaela doing the dirty work with her brush cutter.

Michaela, in addition to being a fabulous person and a wonderful friend, is a professional gardener AND an artist AND a pilot AND she likes shoes AND she's fun to hang around and gab with. I was so lucky to be introduced to her when we moved up here and I found our garden completely overwhelming. Anything that is beautiful about my garden is because of her.

After all of her hard brush cutting and raking she took the wheelbarrow up to the mulch pile where she discovered The Thing from "The Fantastic Four" hiding under our tarp.

Impressive, no?

I will admit that I wasn't just there taking pictures. I was also digging up rocks and roots and weeding and moving things. Michaela did all that in addition to brush-cutting and raking and at least two times faster than I can. She is superior!

Thanks, Michaela, for your hard work and especially for your friendship.


Michaela said...

*** blush ***

;) xo

Benny O' said...

Could this be considered a natural fractal?